3Lessions from a fake immigration lawyer

A few days ago, I encountered one of the supreme court cases in Ontario, which made write briefly about immigration consultants and lawyers. Mrs. Angelina Codina is one of the most prominent examples of fake immigration consultant/lawyers. She has been imprisoned since 2000 for nine years in prison for working as immigration lawyer without a authorization in New York. In 2009, and after being released she moved to Ontario, Canada and performed as a fake immigration lawyer for another five years and received huge amounts of money by giving false / misleading claims to her clients without providing them any services.
Ms. Goli Amirpur and her brother were one of the dozens of clients abused by Ms. Codina. Ms. Amirpur has gave her C$ 24,000, but Ms. Codina has not done anything for applicant’s immigration to Canada. Details of this news can be read here:

From 2014 to 2016 and despite of several charges against Ms. Codina, she continiued her unauthorized practice, which is currently added five more charges against her on activities as an unauthorized immigration lawyer . Her appeal has not been approved by the end of this year. Details of this case can be found here.

We can conclude on Ms. Codina’s case the following points:

1- Always use the authorized immigration lawyers or immigration consultants. The legal responsibility in this regard is on the client to ensure the legality of his / her counsel / lawyer. For Immigration Consultants, you can search for the Consultant’s profile on the ICCRC website. For example, the search for any of the consultant’s profile (i.e. First Name : Jubin – Surname: Ahdi Shoghi or License number: R526521) on this website specifies the status of a permit to provide immigration services.

2- Ms. Codina was able to attract her customers confidence because many would trust her based on her apperances. Race, skin color, gender, etc. does not necessarily affect the integrity or lack of integrity / skill or lack of skills of an attorney or immigration consultant ans it should be noted that appearances could be quite misleading. It is suggested that you consult with several authorized lawyers / immigration consultants (as described in clause 1) and work with someone who is both authorized and you feel comfortable working with.

3- Since the activities of immigration consultants are always under the supervision of the ICCCR (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Counsil), they will always be cautious in providing their advice. As a result, any time you received a proposal that was too good to be true, it is probably not true. Immigration consultants do not (and not authorized to) guarantee any result, or provide you with any timeframe for your application, or agree on contigency billing.

Wishing you all a very smooth immigration
Jubin Ahdi Shoghi, RCIC

3Lessions from a fake immigration lawyer

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