Now foreign nationals can take biometrics test in Canada

Now foreign nationals can take biometrics test in Canada

So far, many foreign nationals who were in Canada on a temporary status had to leave Canada just to take biometrics test for their temporary or permanent residence application.

Last year, new legislation enabled foreign nationals to take the biometrics test at some ports of entry (POE) across Canada.

However, these facilities were designed mainly for the foreign nationals who entered Canada and could not be used for the applicants who are already in Canada.

As of today, these applicants can have their fingerprints and photo taken, commonly known as biometrics test, and can do so at any of the 58 designated Service Canada locations across the country. 

This means individuals will now save time and money by being able to give their biometrics within Canada.

Biometrics tests were part of the immigration process for many temporary applications for years. In 2018, the government of Canada required that applicants for permanent residence from some countries to have biometrics test as part of their application process.

In July 2019, IRCC required all applicants from all countries who require a visitor visa, study permit or work permit to take the biometrics test.

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