Express Entry Update

The latest express entry draw performed on December, 20th, 2017 with 2750 ITAs  (Invitations To Apply) and the lowest CRS score was 446.

By following the express entry trend, it seems that with 1-2 draws per month, IRCC has been able to keep the minimum CRS score around 450 with sending ITAs to 2750 people in the past few draws.  As per IRCC plan for permanent immigration of about 1 million people by the year 2020, we may expect an increase of 16% in the intakes for the year 2018.

Since provincial nominee programs intake is dependent on provincial government decisions and infrastructure and considering the history, one can not expect rapid changes in the permanent residence intake in provincial nominee programs (PNPs). As stated by the Honourable John McCallum, the previous minister of immigration, it is expected for federal plans to take a more significant share in achieving immigration targets.

Hence, to reach to ambitious immigration target for 2018, we should expect an increase in an issued ITA even more than 16% stated above. The coming months will show how much we may hope for an increase in the intake of programs under express entry system.

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