Computer programmers are back to the list. Along with bakers, appliance service technicians, accounting technicians, tailors, glaziers and many more.

Please note that the SINP’s In-Demand Occupation List was revised on April 17, 2019. The land surveyors (NOC 2154) and Appliance servicers and repairers (NOC 7332) were removed from the list.

The updated list

As per our recent line of articles about Saskatchewan Immigration nominee programs, the government of Saskatchewan has updated its list of occupations in-demand.

Although 9 occupations such as Psychiatrists, Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades and Welders were removed from the list, however, 13 new occupations have been added that are considered high-demand in the province.

The highlight of the revised list is the return of computer programmers, bakers and appliance service technicians. The new list shows that immigration to Canada does not always need high education, high language proficiency and high net worth (Although a reasonable amount of all these parameters is still preferred).

Please note that applicants must have work experience in the occupations of this list, and required education if mentioned in the list, as part of eligibility requirements for two of the SINP skilled worker programs: Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry. These two programs do not need to have a job offer in Canada, as people who have such work experience are known to the government of Saskatchewan that could be absorbed in the labour market easily and quickly. There are other requirements for these two streams that will be discussed in their relevant article soon.


However, if you have work experience(and education, if requested)  in any items of the list, it is highly recommended that you fill the assessment form, so we assess your eligibility to move to Canada through SINP programs (and many other routes). If you know any of your family, friends or acquaintances have the work experience as per the list below, you may introduce Meritrusts Immigration Consulting website to them, and helping them to immigrate to Canada by filling out the assessment form.


Last, but not least, the SINP occupation on-demand list is very active and changes very often as soon as the demand for any of these occupation returns to normal, so we would suggest that you act quickly.