Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) Programs

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program (SINP) Programs

Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program or SINP in abbreviation is one of the highly popular immigration streams to Canada. The natural beauty of the province of Saskatchewan and the efficient immigration process in this province has made this province to one of the most desirable destinations for immigration.

Strength from Many Peoples…

What could be possibly more enticing for a province to immigrate, when the motto of the province is “Strength from Many Peoples”? Anyway, Saskatchewan is the 7th largest province in Canada with a population of shy above 1 million people (2016) and roughly 100,000 lakes. Saskatchewan is between Alberta and Manitoba to part one of the prairie provinces of Canada. This province enjoys extreme summers and winters, which also made its natural beauty of the region somehow unique. Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Mining are among the region main economic sectors. The province is developing manufacturing as well as the oil and gas sector as well, but it is not as big as Alberta. Saskatoon is the biggest city of the province and Regina is the capital of the province and 2nd biggest city in the region. You may read more in detail about the area of Saskatchewan in Wikipedia.

Saskatchewan immigration programs support a wide range of skilled workers, tradespersons and entrepreneurs. The SINP immigration process is by far one of the active PNPs throughout Canada.

An important note for hiring an immigration consultant to immigrate through SINP:

Please note that for immigration through SINP programs to the province of Saskatchewan, your immigration consultant, should not only be a member of ICCRC in good standing but also, (s)he must be approved by the government of Saskatchewan. You may find the list of approved FWRISA Licensed Immigration Consultants here. For example, Mr. Ahdi Shoghi from Meritrusts Immigration Consulting is registered in the province of Saskatchewan with the license number of 000570.

Immigrate as a skilled worker, an entrepreneur or a farmer

Currently, there are four categories for immigration through SINP:

  • International Skilled Worker Category is for skilled workers abroad who want to work and live in Saskatchewan:


    • Employment Offer: This is for the applicants who have a job offer with a NOC code 0, A or B or for a specific trade approved by the government of Saskatchewan.
    • Occupation In-Demand: There is a list of occupations which are in demand in the province. Applicants who have work experience in one of those occupations can apply through this stream.
    • Saskatchewan Express Entry: If applicants who work in the list of occupation in-demand, and created their profile in the Express Entry system successfully, then they can apply through SINP’s Express Entry stream. The province could nominate the applicant, and 600 CRS points will be added to the express entry profile. The process in this stream is considerably faster than the occupation in-demand stream.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category is for foreign nationals who are currently living and working in Saskatchewan.
  • Skilled Worker With Existing Work Permit: This stream is for the workers who are currently working in the province for 6 months or more in one of the jobs with NOC 0, A, or B or for a specific trade approved by the government of Saskatchewan.
  • Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit: This is the same stream as above but just workers in the NOC of 8431 and 8432
    • Health Professionals: The program is similar to “Existing work permit” stream, except that it extends the jobs for the physicians, nurses and other health professionals.
    • Hospitality Sector Project: Again, the same conditions as “Existing work permit,” except that from SINP approved the list of employers in food and beverages industry, with a job of NOC 6513, 6711, 6731.
    • Long-Haul Truck Driver Project: The same as “Existing work permit,” except that it is for long-haul drivers.
    • Students: The same as “Existing work permit,” except that it is for students who graduated with a degree, certificate or diploma in Canada and if the job offer is from a NOC C code, then it must be relevant to their education field.


  • Entrepreneur Category is for entrepreneurs who plan to start a business in Saskatchewan. Applicants should:


    • Have $500,000 (CAD) minimum in verifiable net business and personal assets;
    • Have a minimum of three years of relevant business management or entrepreneurial experience gained in the past ten years; and,
    • Intend to invest a minimum of $300,000 (CAD) in Regina and Saskatoon or a minimum of $200,000 (CAD) in all other Saskatchewan communities.Acquire enough points in the assessment grid as per previously approved limits.
  • Farm Category is for experienced farmers who plan to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan. The applicant must:


    • Have proven experience in farming;
    • Have considerable capital (money, assets) to invest in a farming operation; and
    • Plan to buy and run a farm in Saskatchewan.

As it could be noted, there are many detailed for each and every of these immigration programs that have not been discussed here. Each (or at least, many) of these programs require their own dedicated articles. If you are interested to learn more about any of these programs, please contact the Meritrusts Immigration Consulting and indicate the streams that you would like to learn more. We would provide more detailed, dedicated articles for those programs.

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