Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship is based one of the most important Canadian tradition concepts: Family. It is one of the goals of the government of Canada to reunite the families and make them able to stay together.

Canadian immigration regulations enable Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor family members who are living abroad. The following group of people may be sponsored under certain conditions:

  • Spouse / common law or conjugal partners
  • Children, grandchildren
  • Parents and grandparents
  • Minor siblings, who are single and their parents are deceased
  • Adopted children
  • The relative not mentioned above for the sponsor who is living in Canada without any family members and where the sponsor does not have any family member to sponsor as listed above.

There are some specific requirements for both the sponsor (Canadian citizen or permanent resident) as well as applicant (Foreign national who is a family member of the sponsor). If you want to sponsor one of your family members, you may fill up this form so Meritrusts Immigration Consulting can review and analyze your application.


Many people seek to bring their family and loved ones to Canada. If you have plans to sponsor one of your close family members, then we would be more than happy to assist you to reunite with your family member.


It is important that the sponsor reviews the requirements for a Canadian citizen or permanent residence before applying to sponsor a family member.

It is imperative that:

  • Read more about family sponsorship and the income conditions
  • Make sure that sponsor has not any other undertaking(s), and the current undertakings have already calculated in the sponsorship application.
  • For spousal sponsorship also:
    • The marriage must be genuine
    • The marriage must not be made with the primary goal of gaining any benefits (i.e., immigration to Canada)
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