Your first two weeks after landing in Canada

For many of the immigration applicants who are about to move to Canada, landing is the moment of revelation.

Time files as applicants sort out their business in their home country and head toward their new home, Canada! These are the times of rapid changes and grasping lots of further information as well as learning many new skills in a short time. Applicants who would become “Newcomers” in Canada soon need to know about their arrival and what they need to do in the first few weeks after that.

The arrival of the applicants to Canada for the first time, to acquire the status of the “Permanent Resident” is unofficially called “Landing.” It is best for the new immigrants to know what they should do and expect upon their landing process.

Moreover, immigrants must take many steps in the subsequent weeks, such as apply for a SIN number, health care and many other governments as well as settlement services. There are some organizations that newcomers must get familiar with, federal and provincial government services provided.

Newcomers usually should learn and start using some standard services, such as opening a bank account, using public transportation, library, or emergency services in the first few weeks.

IRCC published a new video, explaining the same, and has even tips and some extra information, as what to bring to Canada for the first time, and how to interact with the CBSA and immigration officers.


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